Humanoids 2015

Two papers accepted for Humanoids 2015 in Korea 🙂

  1. Roberto Calandra, Serena Ivaldi, Marc Peter Deisenroth, Jan Peters – Learning Torque Control in Presence of Contacts using Tactile Sensing from Robot Skin
  2. Lars Fritsche, Felix Unverzagt, Jan Peters, Roberto Calandra – First-Person Tele-Operation of a Humanoid Robot

Congratulations to Lars and Felix!



Caponata is a traditional Sicilian starter (often used as side dish). Every family in Sicily prepare it in slight different ways and with different ingredients. Even two caponata cooked from the same person will often taste quite different. For this reason, in Sicilian culture, cooking the caponata is a struggle to find perfection. Beware that (in pure Sicilian tradition) if you are invited to try somebody else caponata you are supposed to extensively discuss up to the smallest differences compared to all the caponata you ever tried in your life. This social activity will usually take most of the meal and not doing it will often be considered unpolite. Below you will find my personal recipe, which is a modification of my family recipe.

Caponata’s main ingredient is eggplant which make it a robust and tasteful dish. Caponata is usually prepared during summer and is served cold to give the necessary refreshment from the hot summer Sicilian weather. Caponata can also easily be pasteurized (or frozen) and stored for up to 6 months. For this reason it is often convenient to prepare at once large amounts whenever fresh and/or cheap eggplants are available and then store it.

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Apple Cake “Palermo style”

Apple Cake


This is the recipe for an apple cake which is quite different from the usual one.
I call it “Palermo style” because it is inspired by some apple pastry that are prepared in Palermo.

This cake is composed of three layers: yellow cream, apples and on top a thin layer of gelatin.  This cake is particularly suited for summer and is (in my opinion) best served cold.

Preparation time: ~3 hours (+2 before being ready to be served)

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