About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory (BAIR) under the supervision of Sergey Levine.

My scientific interests are at the conjunction of Machine Learning and Robotics, in what is know as Robot Learning. Specifically I am interested in learn and leveraging models of the world in order to provide robots with the capability of predicting their actions. Some of the research topics that I am currently interested in include: Deep Reinforcement Leaning, Bayesian Optimization and Dynamics Modeling.

Here you can find more about my research interests and recent works.

And here my CV


Previously, I completed my Ph.D. in the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab at TU Darmstadt, under the supervision of Jan Peters and Marc Deisenroth.

I originally come from Palermo, in Sicily, in Italy, in Europe. There, I developed a passion for robotics, the sea and for good food.

Following, I moved to Helsinki, in Finland where I did a Master in Machine Learning and Data Mining. In Finland, I also learned to love the cold weather and to appreciate the Finnish concept of Sisu.


In my (little) spare time, I very much enjoy to cook. Therefore, you will also find food related things in this site. Here, you can find a collection of recipes of interesting food I prepared, with a particular emphasis on Italian and Sicilian food.